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About SkillSoko

SkillSoko is a service delivered in an Android App and Web Application and accessible for use by both Skills Providers (Experts and Employees) and Skills Employers and Clients in Africa. Soko is a swahili word meaning marketplace. SkillSoko simply means the Skills Marketplace. It's the first online service in Africa to connect professionals and employers in both work and self employment. At SkillSoko, we have ensured that the information that you get is initially highly domicile on your country of residence.

For Skills Providers, SkillSoko App gives Experts and Job Seekers an opportunity to easily get hired for their skills. The workers signup and create a profile and potential clients or employers can view their profiles and make the decision to hire them for any available jobs or projects.

For Skills Employers, SkillSoko offers Clients/Project Owners and Employers an opportunity to get highly qualified and competent experts and employees to work on their projects or jobs. The project owner or employer can create a project or job vacancy and later make a hiring decision based on several parameters like qualification, experience, references, rating and portfolio or past projects.

SkillSoko is managed by ADEA AFRICA, a company that focus on managing and operating projects and initiatives owned by the non-operative parent holding company; ADEA GROUP. All the liability accruing to website and SkillSoko App are absorbed by ADEA Group Limited

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