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Benefits to Job Seeker

  • Job Seeker will have a Free Skills Profile for use as a resume to market skills. You can share the profile link on social media or via email or phone to potential employers. An example is Sample Job Resume

  • Expert can list certifications, experience and reference on SkillSoko in a bid to build a resume

  • Job Seeker will be able to browse, find and send Job application to various available listed job vacancies. Work is available at a click of a button.

  • Job Seeker can be rated by employers and also verified by SkillSoko. This endorsement creates credibility that makes it easier to get work.

  • Job Seeker will have access to various training programs that builds capacity as a professional.

  • Job Seeker can access contacts of an employer in the platform. This helps in networking and proactive job hunting.

  • Job Seeker can boost or promote the resume for better visibility by employers
Once you sign up, you will get your login details that you will be using to access the application. If you sign up with a gmail or google workplace account, you will be logging in automatically through your gmail account using Connect with Google button.

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