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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkillSoko App? SkillSoko is an application that connects skills providers and skills consumers, online.

Who can use SkillSoko?

- Experts create a skills profile or resume that they use to market their skills online. Experts can also browse through numerous project jobs that are available for hire.

- Clients are able to create projects and jobs and have them available for application by Experts. Clients can also browse through thousands of experts available for hire.

- Employees create a resume that they use to market their skills online. Employees can also browse through numerous job vacancies that are available for hire.

- Employers are able to create job vacancies and have them available for application by Job Seekers. Employers are also able to browse through thousands of job seekers available for hire.

Is the App free? It is free to sign up and create the skills profile for the expert and job seeker. It is also free to create an account for the client and employer. However there is a connection fee of Kshs 100 paid by the client, employer, expert or job seeker to request for the contacts he/she is interested in.

Where do i start? You can start by Creating an Account

How do i create or build my profile? First, login and click the Profile icon on the top right. Then click edit icon on top right and completely fill your profile information. Remember to upload your photo. Then, head to Certification and add all your academic cetification information. Do the same for Experience and Reference. Once you complete the above, your profile is ready for marketing.

Is maintaining a profile free? Yes. Creating, building and maintaining an Expert Profile or Employee Resume is totally free.

How do i market my profile? Login and click the profile Icon. Scroll down and Copy the Expert Public Profile link. Use the link in your email signature and Social Media profile. You can also send it to your prospective clients or employer via SMS, email, whatsapp, and social media posting.

How many projects can i manage as a client? You can create and manage as many projects as you can. Each project can maintain unlimited Job listings.

How many job vacancies can i manage as an employer? You can create and manage as many job vacancies as you can.

How do i know when a prospect contact me? The application will send you a notification once someone is interested in you or your job offer.

Can i create two accounts? NO. One account is sufficient.

Where does SkillSoko operate? SkillSoko is currently operational in Kenya. However, we are working on rolling it up in the whole of the East Africa and the entire Africa.

Who owns SkillSoko? You can get more information about SkillSoko at About Page

How do i contact SkillSoko? You can drop us a message at Contact Page

Is my personal information safe? Yes. We do not share expert's or clients' information and data. The information is only used on this app for the purpose of connecting the Expert with the client. You can find more information at SkillSoko TOS

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